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Charles Divine


Charles Divine


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Are you searching for an honest reading with a skilled professional, to shine some light on the energies at work in your life right now and how they will play out in the future?

Welcome, I'm Charles Divine and I am a genuine New Zealand Psychic!

I have been providing high quality Psychic Readings for the people of New Zealand and around the world for over 30 years. During this time, I have given thousands of readings and developed a reputation for care and accuracy. I specialize in phone consultations and also offer face to face sessions by appointment.

I consult the Tarot as a starting point for your readings, as I have found it to be the quickest and most reliable way to connect with my clients and their situations. You can request a general reading if you wish to focus on where you are up to now on your journey through life, how you arrived at this point and the kinds of energies and experiences you will encounter in the future. You can also refine your reading to focus on a specific aspect of your life, from love and relationships, to career, business and property matters. For this style of consultation, a clear question and the first names of other people involved are all I require.

I will provide you with the insights and predictions you need to take control of your life, to make the right decisions, leading to your desired future. I am truly non-judgemental and your readings will always be completely confidential!